Hong Thai Group has early realized that the business development in the field of renewable electricity and in the field of factory construction is a very positive plan in the context of the energy market shortage.

 The new factory market welcomes investors from countries with deep interest in Vietnam such as Korea, Singapore, China, America, etc.

With the business plan on renewable electricity and industrial factory construction in the period 2020 ~ 2025 and 2025 ~ 2030, has been approved by the group’s leaders.

We provide research, consulting, design, construction and transfer services in the field of rooftop solar power, factory building associated with solar power with the latest Korean technology.

 With many years of experience in the field of civil and industrial construction combined with Korea’s advanced technology, Hong Thai is confident to bring you the right choice in the factory solution combining source. renewable energy for green, cleanest and most modern production.


Aiming to become a leader in the field of renewable electricity in Vietnam, Hong Thai is researching and cooperating with Korea ODIN Group in the wind power sector with the latest, most advanced and suitable technology. with geographical conditions, the Vietnamese market.

 In 2021, we will offer solutions for coastal urban projects, wind power plants have been supplemented with government planning the best choice for investment in the wind-voltage sector. strength of Vietnam’s stretches of sea.

Korea ODIN wind power technology will use new techniques to increase power generation efficiency and overcome weaknesses of wind power. With the construction of wind towers with solid structure, resistant to storms and winds, the development of wind collection methods to increase the efficiency of electricity generation and change the direction of the propeller axis to vertical brakes has been verified, research from ODIN Korea, we are committed to bringing a very new solution to Vietnam’s wind power market.

Hong Thai Group, with its extensive experience in association with the strongest partners from Korea, is committed to changing the perception of industrial construction associated with renewable electricity, wind tower power in Vietnam. coastal wind power plants, marine tourism urban areas of Vietnam.

 We hope to receive attention, contribute ideas and exchange learning with the way the company is interested in the new field of Hong Thai Group.

In the field of construction, see details here.


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