Delicious dish from Kobe beef

The Japanese  have  always  been proud of  their traditional culinary culture with unique dishes and culinary arts that are unique to Japan. Like the tea ceremony, sushi, or sashimi …,

The sophisticated and rare as well as the new processing art is really what gives you the experience of all five senses when enjoying delicious dishes made from Kobe beef …

Kobe is a large and famous Japanese port city on Honshu Island. Kobe not only has Arima hot spring that attracts many tourists, but also is home to the world famous Kobe beef dish. The tender, delicious, nutritious beef is very healthy because its cholesterol is very low and Kobe beef fat has melted at 250°C

Hotpot is a dish that is very popular in Japan and enjoyed most when winter comes. In particular, Kobe beef hotpot is a special dish that when you come to Kobe, you must definitely enjoy.

This dish is carefully processed by Sura Sushi restaurant’s chefs, from broth to beef sauce are harmoniously combined with many different ingredients to create a delicious and attractive Kobe beef hotpot. This is something that not all Japanese restaurants can do.

When enjoying Kobe beef hot pot, the first taste you can feel is that the beef is very soft, crispy, blended with the restaurant’s unique hotpot and sauce to create a taste that is not there. In addition to delicious and attractive Kobe beef hot pot dish, it is also a nutritious and healthy dish. Beef contains a lot of amino acids, helping to enhance and restore health after a stressful and tiring working day. In addition, it also works to restore vitality, help improve aging skin, reduce stress.

The best Kobe beef is also used as a beefsteak or grilled with salt and pepper. Only with these dishes can you fully enjoy the softness of the meat that few other types of beef have. Grilled beef served with various sauces such as Teriyaki sauce, brown sauce, onion sauce or a sweet honey wine sauce that is very well suited to Kobe beef. Mild, fatty aroma blends with the meat as it dissolves in the mouth.

In addition, Kobe beef can be processed into many dishes such as sukiyaki, shabu shabu, sashimi, teppanyaki, or refrigerated and eaten raw with warm plant wasabi …

Although Kobe beef is very expensive, it is still popular in the world.


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