Over the past time, many housewives have been worried about the health of family members when they was eating vegetables and fruits contaminated by chemicals, pesticide residue exceeds the permissible level many times and irrigated with polluted water.

Understanding the demands of the people, Hong Thai fresh vegetables was established with the criteria for the health of consumers, with the model “from farm to table”, we provide a large vegetables for the HN city and provide wholesale and retail for households and shops in the city.

We hope that all Vietnamese consumers will have access to safe, nutritious and fresh fruits and vegetables at the Hong Thai farm supply store. With the mission of becoming one of the leading clean food suppliers in Vietnam and the purpose of “Bring nature back to your home”.

With the criteria of Delicious – Clean – Safe, Hong Thai Farm committed to provide the clean vegetables such as leafy vegetables and fruits to every Vietnamese family meal:
With the philosophy of business :

Ensuring farming standards and quality, not harmful chemicals.

 Do not use the pesticides and chemical fertilizers in agriculture

Ensuring the absolute safety for users with the domestic and international standards

 Meeting the safe vegetable standards

 Do not use the growth stimulants

Do not use the genetically modified varieties

Hong Thai Agricultural Products has always met the most stringent requirements of all customers. We have provided clean food for units such as: hotels, restaurants, industrial kitchens, schools, kindergartens, educational systems such as shops, wholesale and specialty markets. Especially exporting to international markets such as Taiwan, China, and even difficult markets like Korea and Japan.
Hong Thai Farm is a reliable address for everyone and every family, let Hong Thai farm bring fresh vegetables to your family meal.

Address: No. 135, Tay Son Street –Phung Town – Dan Phuong District – Ha Noi city.
Tel: 0246 326 5051 – 0246 675 8319
Hotline: 0985.897.585 – 0973.897.585
Email: info@hongthaigroup.com
Website: https://hongthaigroup.com